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Anji Lu

 The beautiful countryside Jains on a sightseeing train.


White Tower Park


Hangzhou   White Tower Park is empirical of West Lake's cultural heritage, is the  Beijing Hangzhou endpoint of the Grande Canale's cultural heritage, or  108 years ago in Hangzhou, the first railway station departure. The park is a collection of ancient historical sites and vibrant natural scenery and one of the leisure tourist attractions.  Take the little train in the park, where you can visit the railway  bike, Baita, railway, heritage site, the southern gate of Longshan  square and other historical sites. The long walk, overlooking the Qian Tang wave, herons flying. Guta stands erect, with flowers and trees alternating with each other.

Yongding River leisure Forest Park, Hebei

Changzhou global port

Jains has rail sightseeing train with you play 880 thousand square meters of Jiangnan universal port.